Visit of SERA Delegation to the Institute



The Institute hold the visit on 17 May, 2012 of SERA delegation (Session Europeenne des Responsables d’Armement) – the European session of experts involved in defence industry issues. It was a studying visit in the frame of the Polish week in SERA when the participants could get the information about possibilities of scientific and industrial co-operation concerning weapon systems. The group of more than 60 visitors consisted of civilian and military representatives of governmental and international management boards dealing with the manufacture and selling of weapon systems. The visitors have got the information about the Institute’s general activities and research and development work and also about the last achievements and developments. They have visited two modern testing laboratories dealing with explosive ordnance and small arms and aircraft weapon systems. Moreover the film was presented on training and practicing system for small arm called “ŚNIEŻNIK”. There was also the possibility to get the information on wheeled armoured transporter called “ROSOMAK” that was presented by the Military Mechanical Works from Siemianowice Śląskie.