Wojskowy Instytut Techniczny Uzbrojenia
The wide range of activities where Military Institute of Armament Technology is involved proves that it is a leading research and development centre among other military and civilian institutions dealing with development and upgrading of weapon systems.

"DEFENDER" Awards:
  • 2015 120 mm APFSDS-T tank ammunition
  • 2014 The 120 mm extended range fragmentation projectile for the 120 mm self-propelled mortar “RAK”
  • 2013 The Vermin Aerial Target System
  • 2011 Containerised depot of explosive materials
  • 2009 Aerial target imitator of assault aircraft SZOGUN
  • 2007 120 mm APDSFS training ammunition for tank gun
  • 2006 Self-propelled antiaircraft system “Poprad”
  • 2006 Containerised system for disassembling and rearming artillery ammunition
  • 2005 Small Arms Training & Practising System "ŚNIEŻNIK" - download video file [DVD ISO 1486 MB]
  • 2004 125 mm APDS Round;
  • 2003 98 mm RAD-2 Mortar Cartridge
  • 2002 125 mm Practise Projectile "BIOTYT"
  • 2001 Tank Reactive Armour “ERAWA-1” and "ERAWA-2"
  • 2001 Cargo Ammunition for Calibre 98 and 122 mm
  • 2000 Mobile Testing Station for “GROM” Missile
  • 1999 Self Propelled Artillery Battalion Fire Control System "TOPAZ"
  • 2016 Minister on National Defence’s Distinction for Unmanned, vertical take-off warhead-carrier GK-1/GO-1 –“DRAGONFLY”
  • 2010 Minister on National Defence’s Distinction for the helicopter gunner simulator
  • 2008 Minister of The Interior and Administration’s Distinction for vehicles ballistic and anti-explosive protection
New Designs and Developments:
  • Field Ballistic Radar Station
  • Armament of Combat Vehicle
  • Salute Gun
  • Mobile Telephone System Jammer
  • Jamming noise generators on L and S bands
  • Adapters for Antiaircraft Rockets
  • Explosive Ordnance Service Protection System
  • WIST-94 and WIST-94L model pistol
  • High explosive (HE) ammunition for 120 mm tank gun
  • 120 mm APDSFS-T ammunition for tank gun
  • Service and training ammunition for 125 mm tank gun
  • Self-propelled short range antiaircraft missile system armed with the GROM missiles
  • Self-guided antitank mortar round
  • Tank smoke ammunition with extended infrared camouflage band
  • Detecting & warning radar for monitoring and protecting special facilities
  • Training & practising system for small arms
  • Combat helmet model 2005
  • Antiaircraft missile platform POPRAD
  • Containerised system for disassembling and rearming artillery ammunition
  • JOWISZ system for thermal utilisation of small arms ammunition and components of artillery ammunition
  • Training & practising system ŚNIEŻNIK 3 to carry out simulated firing indoors and in the vicinity of buildings
  • Training & practising system MINI-ŚNIEŻNIK
  • Aerial target imitator of assault aircraft SZOGUN
  • The Semi-anechoic chamber EMC
  • The helicopter gunner simulator
  • The Vermin Aerial Target System
  • Missile Operational Safety Supervision System - TURKUS
  • Complex battlefield simulation system- SPARTAN